Start Your Business Right – 5 Important Accounting Tips

When you are starting up your own business, you need to know how important it is to keep your finances straight. You might consider employing an accountant on the Sunshine Coast to help you through the worst parts, but it is still important that you know what you are doing financially. To help people who are just beginning their business career, Total Accounting Partners have some advice that will help to make accounting easier.

Invest in an accountant or software

You might think that you have a handle on where all of your money is going, but you can’t balance being head of finance with also managing sales, marketing and invoicing as well. Keep working as you are, and you will soon start making errors. They start out small but can grow to get you in trouble with the law. To ease the work load and ensure no errors are made, you should talk to Total Accounting Partners and take a look at the Xero accounting software.

Keep your accounts separate from loans

If you have taken out business loans with a bank, or perhaps with the state, then you will need to make sure you keep those loans completely separate. It only takes a simple error, and suddenly your loans has been written into receivables, and you are in a mess.

Don’t accept non-payments

Don’t pay me once, shame on you, but don’t pay me twice, shame on me. Don’t allow customers to leave your invoices unanswered. Insist that you be paid before they have any other product or service from you.

Keep details of expenses

When you are working with an accountant from Total Accounting Partners, you need to have a clear list of your business expenses. Keep records of each day so that you don’t have to review your costs every two weeks. This will help you keep an eye on your finances.

Have a minimum profit in mind

Before you set out on the difficult road of running your own business, it is a good idea to have a minimum profit in mind for each month. Keep your earnings as close as possible to this profit line.

Work with expert accountants

If you are feeling a bit daunted now by the idea of owning a business, then you should seek help in the form of an accountant for your enterprise. Total Accounting Partners are here to help small businesses on the Sunshine Coast manage their finances, so contact us online, or book a consultation by calling 07-5493-2111 today.