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Total Business Partners works with business owners to help them transform their companies into profitable, sustainable entities with improved cash flow and better-defined organisational goals for growth. Our experienced team in Redcliffe offers business advice to clients of all sizes and industries.

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How can you benefit from business advice?

It is difficult to build a profitable and sustainable business. You may find yourself in uncharted territory or areas where you lack expertise and experience on occasion. Seeking business advice should be your first step in these circumstances.

Total Business Partners’ business advisory service has helped Redcliffe businesses chart their course to success. We serve as sounding boards and provide client-centred solutions. As outlined in a NAB White Paper, our business advisory service encompasses a broad measure of success in a highly competitive business environment.

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When Should You Use Business Advice?

There are three stages to consider when it comes to business advice. These are as follows:

1. Growth

Starting a business is simple. Growing it, on the other hand, poses a unique set of challenges. Aside from the challenges’ complexities, the stakes are higher, especially when the company has achieved a credible measure of success. Mistakes in everything from daily operations to financial and people management to innovation can have serious consequences.

2. Acute challenges, unexpected opportunities

The business environment is fraught with uncertainty. Furthermore, some can be downright unpleasant, whereas others promise a windfall. When dealing with current and near-term issues, these uncertainties can be overwhelming. A company can be guided through these difficult times by an objective and experienced eye. Getting the best business advice is essential. It puts things into perspective and aids in making informed decisions.

3. Expansion

Every company’s game plan includes geographic and product expansion. Technological advancements across a broad spectrum of society provide the impetus needed for businesses to expand. A decade ago, Google was just a search engine, Apple was just a computer, and Amazon was just an online bookstore. They now offer products and services that enable us to live our connected lives digitally. For every successful expansion story, there are dozens or hundreds of failures. The right business advice can make or break your company.

What stage of your business are you at? Is there anything preventing your company’s growth? Is your company prepared to expand?

Redcliffe business advice

Our business advisors help Redcliffe businesses by performing a thorough business diagnosis to identify issues that need to be addressed. We then focus on budgeting and forecasting, changing management strategies, identifying waste, and analysing customer profitability. Without a doubt, our clients will face major challenges in their businesses from time to time, and we take pride in accurately and quickly resolving these issues.

Total Business Partners believes that quarterly meetings with our clients are necessary to ensure that all mutual goals and objectives are met.

Business Advisory FAQs

Is there a particular time to seek business advice?
This will be determined by your goals, so go over the key stages we’ve outlined to see when business advice is needed to help propel your company to the next level.
Is business advice useful for small businesses?
It makes no difference whether the company is large or small. It is the opportunity that is more important. You will also gain the knowledge and experience needed to advance your business.
Is business advice highly expensive?

While good business advice is not cheap, it will not bankrupt you. It’s an investment in the future of your company. Good business advice is timeless. To learn more about the costs of business advice, contact us today.

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At Total Business Partners, our motivation comes from seeing our clients succeed. We strive to deliver the highest level of service and are Xero certified accountants with expertise in structural business planning and financial management. Our professional services are provided throughout Redcliffe and the wider Brisbane region including North Lakes, as well as across the Sunshine Coast.

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