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We can plan your tax affairs to make your life easier. To all of our Redcliffe clients, Total Business Partners provides specialised tax planning and strategic advice.

Based on our knowledge and understanding of taxation legislation, we always advise our clients on the best possible solutions to minimise tax liability. Trust the professionals to ensure that you only pay the taxes that are required by law and ethics.

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What is Tax Planning?

The idea behind our tax planning in Redcliffe is to analyse your company’s financials and develop a strategy to keep your tax liability as low as possible. This is referred to as tax efficiency. When it comes to owning and operating a business, tax planning should be a critical component. Lowering your tax liability allows your company to maximise profits and raise additional capital for expansion or debt repayment.

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Business Tax Planning in Redcliffe

In Australia, tax planning is essential for any size business, and there are several ways for businesses to reduce their tax bills through deductions, exemptions, and proper planning. Total Business Partners’ experienced accountants in Redcliffe can help you plan your business tax strategy and maximise your profitability for many years to come. We look at some of the best tax planning strategies for businesses, from choosing the right tax strategy to claiming deductions and maximising superannuation contributions.

The Value of Tax Planning

Tax planning should begin as soon as possible for businesses to prepare and streamline their tax liabilities before the deadline. Because of the recent economic uncertainty caused by the global pandemic, businesses can take advantage of a variety of tax breaks and incentives to help them get through these difficult times.

Businesses must understand these and their rights in order to operate as efficiently as possible. Tax planning has never been more important, and businesses can make a variety of wise decisions to ensure the long-term viability of their businesses.

Business Tax Planning Strategies

Tax planning allows companies to manage their taxes and budget for annual tax bills. Our experienced business advisors can help reduce the burden with tax deductions, superannuation funds, and other tax management strategies. Your business must take advantage of any current tax policies that may allow you to free up funds for other business expenses. Among our business tax planning services are the following:

  • Tax deduction advice
  • Planning the financial year
  • Financial reporting

Our knowledgeable accountants can help you if you need a tax accountant in Redcliffe for your business. Tax planning is not the same as tax evasion, and all of our accounting services are completely legal.

Every year, there are new tax planning strategies available to businesses, so it’s critical to get the most up-to-date tax advice from a qualified accountant. Total Business Partners has been assisting Redcliffe businesses with tax management for decades and is proud of our professional tax services reputation.

Types of Tax Planning

A business’ taxable income can be reduced in a variety of ways, with numerous strategies to consider. Our accounting professionals can advise you on the best business strategies, such as deferring income, reducing home office deductions, contributing to catch-up superannuation, and claiming tax deductions for business-related asset purchases.

Understanding the Redcliffe Tax Planning Process

When developing a tax strategy, there are numerous factors to consider, and Total Business Partners has extensive experience and expertise in managing these finances. This includes things like:

  • Size of income
  • Timing of income
  • Timing of purchases
  • Employee wages
  • Frequency of income and purchases
  • General expenditures

Furthermore, we hope to offer guidance on how to legally and ethically reduce your tax liability. Our knowledgeable staff works to protect any assets from depreciation and to manage your tax payments so that you only pay what is necessary. In addition, we will assist you in preparing for the end of the fiscal year by organising plans to sort superannuation payments, certain debts, staff bonuses, directors’ fees, and other important payments that can accumulate if not recognised and organised.

Tax Planning FAQs

When should companies begin tax planning?
Businesses should start tax planning as soon as possible to ensure that they have sufficient funds to pay their tax bill when it is due.
When are Australian tax returns due?
The deadline for filing general tax returns is April 15th. If you missed the deadline, you still have until October 31st to file your return online.
Is tax planning completely legal?
Yes, you have the right as a business owner to keep your tax bill as low as possible as long as you do so legally.
What are the 3 basic tax planning strategies?

There are several approaches to tax planning; however, three are commonly used:

  • Reducing your income
  • Taking advantage of tax credits
  • Increasing tax deductions

Tax planning based on these three pillars is critical for maximising your earnings. When it comes to taxes, for example, AGI (adjusted gross income) is arguably more important than gross income. It refers to your earnings before any deductions, such as student loan payments or superannuation contributions. Contributing to your retirement account can also help you lower your AGI.

What is the purpose of tax planning?

Tax planning is critical for assisting your business in saving money on taxes while remaining compliant with all legal tax obligations and requirements.

By lowering your tax burden, you can invest more capital in your business and promote further growth. You can also reduce litigation, which reduces your chances of becoming involved in any potential legal disputes.

What are the 4 key advantages of tax planning?

Tax planning is critical for making the most of your money in business. Professional tax planning provides three major benefits:

  • Minimising tax liabilities
  • Minimising litigation
  • Leveraging productivity

By engaging in comprehensive tax planning in Redcliffe, you can reduce your tax burden and add more capital to your business. We always ensure that all tax planning adheres to all tax legislation’s rules and regulations.

Furthermore, by minimising litigation, you may significantly reduce your risk of legal disputes. This is a common source of concern for many businesses that conduct their tax affairs honestly but are investigated. This can lead to unnecessary stress and extra energy that could be put to better use in helping your business grow.

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