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Every business operation requires meticulous bookkeeping. At Total Business Partners, we deliver superior bookkeeping services in Brisbane. We offer a fully customisable suite of services that can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of your business. Our expert team can support you in managing all areas, from BAS and GST compliance to preparing your tax return. We operate from our branches in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, catering to a wide range of nearby locations.

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Our Bookkeeping Services Include:

  • Bookkeeping Services
  • BAS, IAS and GST
  • Payroll Tax
  • Budgeting
  • ASIC Compliance
  • Getting an ABN

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What is bookkeeping?

A bookkeeper is a vital asset to any business, providing key financial insights that drive strategic planning and efficient financial management. While some businesses seek our advanced expertise for strategic advice, others use our detailed reports as a foundation for their decisions.

Fundamental bookkeeping tasks

Though bookkeeping services in Brisbane vary, a proficient bookkeeper will offer these core tasks:

  • Data entry – Recording all transactions and ensuring their balance.
  • Reconciliation – Verifying that the financial records align with the bank statements.
  • Reports – Presenting monthly financial reports of the business. Additional services

Additional services

  • Accounts receivable – Creating, issuing, and tracking invoices.
  • Accounts payable – Confirming that all supplier invoices are paid promptly.
  • Payroll – Calculating wages and deductions.
  • Tax returns
  • End-of-year reports – Aiding in the generation of annual profit and loss statements. statements
  • Strategy – Reviewing and proposing improvements to enhance business performance.

Moreover, we offer thorough training for your teams as required.

Why should I employ a bookkeeper?

Hiring a professional for your bookkeeping assures that your business’s financial aspects are in safe hands. Total Business Partners’ skilled and experienced team can manage daily and year-end tasks, and everything in between. This allows you to devote your time to areas of your business that require your expertise, knowing that the financial operations are in order.

Bookkeeping for small businesses

If you run a small business, particularly a new one, you’ll be deeply aware of your monthly expenses. Fortunately, your bookkeeper is too. Instead of cutting corners, a proficient bookkeeper will help you manage your cash flows so you can concentrate on expanding your customer base and advancing your business.

Bookkeeping for larger businesses

As your business grows, so does your financial stature. A competent bookkeeper will help you stay on top of all financial aspects of your business, from managing payroll tax to delivering BAS. Furthermore, bookkeepers can help devise strategies, improve performance, and provide you with the time to focus on details that can turn a good business into a great one.

Finding the right bookkeeper in Brisbane.

Maintaining accurate financial records is paramount to operating a business. This is where a bookkeeper becomes indispensable. A bookkeeper can help monitor financial transactions, handle your accounts payable and receivable, and ensure the accuracy of your financial records. However, finding the right bookkeeper can be daunting. You need an individual who is skilled, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. If you’re searching for a bookkeeper in Brisbane, consider these qualities of an exceptional bookkeeper:

Expertise: A capable bookkeeper grasps the complexities of bookkeeping and can offer valuable advice to ensure your financial records remain precise.

Credentials: Verify the bookkeeper’s qualifications, such as Certified Bookkeeper, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or Chartered Accountant (CA).

Industry-specific expertise: Every industry has specific bookkeeping needs. It’s crucial to find a bookkeeper with experience in your sector to provide accurate and efficient services.

Communication: A professional bookkeeper should be able to simplify complex financial terms and keep you updated on the progress of your BAS preparation, while also being readily available to address any questions.

Fees: Understand the cost associated with their services before choosing a bookkeeper. At Total Business Partners, we value transparency in pricing.

Your professional Bookkeeper in Brisbane.

Precise bookkeeping is a must for any business, regardless of size. It involves documenting all financial transactions such as revenue, costs, and invoices, in an organized manner. There are several reasons why precise bookkeeping is essential for business success.

Firstly, it assists in tax compliance. By keeping accurate records, businesses can meet their tax obligations and avoid penalties or fines for incorrect reporting. Furthermore, accurate bookkeeping can reveal tax deductions that can minimize tax liabilities.

Secondly, accurate bookkeeping can reveal financial trends. By tracking revenue and expenses, businesses can identify growth areas and potential savings. This information can guide businesses in making decisions about investments, cost reductions, and other financial strategies.

Making Informed Business Decisions with a Professional Bookkeeper.

Finally, accurate bookkeeping is crucial for making informed business decisions. With current financial information at hand, businesses can confidently make decisions about expansion, recruitment, or equipment acquisition.

In summary, accurate bookkeeping is a fundamental part of any successful business. It’s essential to engage with a professional bookkeeper to ensure that your financial records are current and accurate.

Bookkeeping FAQs

Do I need a bookkeeper or an accountant?
In essence, both are required. A bookkeeper takes care of the everyday transactions and operations of your business, making sure everything runs smoothly. This facilitates other accounting functions and ensures that all processes are in order. Consider us the General Practitioners of the accounting domain.
Is it necessary to employ the same firm for both bookkeeping and accounting?
While it’s not mandatory, it is beneficial to do so. Opting for the same firm promotes seamless communication, a unified understanding of business strategy, and efficient sharing of information.
How do I know if a bookkeeper is reliable?
Identifying a reliable bookkeeper can be challenging since it is crucial that they competently support your business. It is essential to ensure that your bookkeeper holds the necessary professional memberships and certifications such as Xero to ascertain peak efficiency of your business.
What is the cost of a bookkeeper in Brisbane?

The cost of bookkeeping varies and is influenced by several factors, including the nature and volume of tasks, and the size of your business. While bookkeepers can be employed solely for tax return purposes, they can also offer other services throughout the year to keep your business running smoothly.

What qualifications are required to become a bookkeeper?

Besides having the necessary bookkeeping qualifications, becoming a bookkeeper requires a certain skillset. An understanding of common bookkeeping practices is crucial, as is proficiency in bookkeeping software used in contemporary accounting.

A bookkeeper should be capable of preparing detailed financial statements and have a solid understanding of general business practices. They must possess analytical skills to effectively scrutinise data. Additionally, good organisational abilities and time management are vital.

At Total Business Partners, we hire only fully qualified bookkeepers who meet these criteria, thereby ensuring our clients receive top-notch service.

Does Total Business Partners provide foreign tax advice?

Given that Brisbane is a hot spot for individuals looking to migrate to Australia and many Brisbane residents need tax advice for foreign business transactions and employment, Total Business Partners offers guidance in understanding foreign tax policy.

Understanding your own taxes can be challenging, let alone grasping the tax laws of other countries. Our bookkeepers can help you comprehend how foreign tax systems work, so you remain fully compliant with all applicable regulations.

What is the hourly rate for a bookkeeper?

The fees charged by bookkeepers can fluctuate based on their level of expertise and the complexity of the tasks at hand. While hourly rates can differ significantly, you can generally expect to pay a fair rate for a professional bookkeeper capable of delivering accurate and efficient services. The long-term value that a skilled bookkeeper can provide, including saving you time and money, is an important consideration.

Total Business Partners collaborates with a network of seasoned bookkeepers who provide top-tier services at competitive prices to meet your business requirements.

Can bookkeepers prepare tax returns?

Bookkeepers are tasked with maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records. Although they can assist in preparing financial statements, processing invoices, and documenting transactions, they are typically not licensed to provide tax advice or prepare tax returns.

That’s where accountants or registered tax agents step in, equipped with the necessary expertise and qualifications to provide tax advice, prepare, and lodge tax returns with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

At Total Business Partners, we provide a comprehensive range of accounting and bookkeeping services to keep your business compliant and financially healthy.

Do bookkeepers handle payroll?

Yes, bookkeepers in Brisbane can manage payroll for businesses. Payroll entails calculating and processing employee wages, deductions, and taxes. Having accurate payroll records is crucial to comply with tax laws and avoid potential penalties.

A bookkeeper can take care of tasks like tracking employee hours, calculating taxes and deductions, and issuing pay checks. This can ease the payroll burden for business owners and ensure that everything is done correctly.

However, for more complex payroll tasks or issues, you may need the help of an accountant or payroll specialist.

Why should I opt for a bookkeeper rather than an accountant?

While both bookkeepers and accountants are vital in managing a business’s financial affairs, they have different skillsets and responsibilities. Bookkeepers generally handle day-to-day financial transactions like recording expenses, sending invoices, and reconciling accounts, while accountants focus on high-level financial analysis, including tax planning and financial forecasting.

One reason to consider hiring a bookkeeper is their cost-effectiveness. Bookkeepers often charge less than accountants, making them a more affordable choice for small businesses on tight budgets. If your business does not need the advanced financial services offered by an accountant, a bookkeeper could better suit your needs.

Should a small business hire a bookkeeper?

Yes, employing a bookkeeper in Brisbane can be very beneficial for your small business. A bookkeeper can manage your daily financial transactions, ensure accuracy of your books, and provide valuable insights into your business’s finances.

This can assist you in making informed business decisions, saving time, and avoiding costly errors. A bookkeeper can also help with payroll, invoicing, and handling accounts payable/receivable, among other financial tasks.

By outsourcing these duties to a bookkeeper, you can concentrate on managing your business and increasing revenue. Total Business Partners can link you with qualified bookkeepers to help your small business prosper.

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At Total Business Partners, our motivation comes from seeing our clients succeed. We strive to deliver the highest level of service and are Xero certified accountants with expertise in structural business planning and financial management. Our comprehensive services are offered throughout Brisbane, including North Lakes, as well as across the Sunshine Coast.

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